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On March 2-3 the Foursquare Cabinet, the advisory group to the board of directors, met in Pasadena, Calif. Primary among the agenda items was the processing of President Jack Hayford’s letter stating his availability to serve a second term as president of The Foursquare Church. Pastor Hayford expressed his trust in the Lord to manifest His will through our governance via the convention’s voice. Following prayerful discussion, the cabinet’s decision is to recommend to our convention body that Pastor Jack be ratified for a second term of office.

A formal ratification ballot for a second presidential term will be presented at Foursquare Connection 2009, which convenes May 25-29 in Anaheim, Calif. Ratification for a second term requires that 75 percent of the votes cast by the convention body be affirmative.*

Of highly significant importance was the cabinet’s discussion of the present global and national economic outlook. Just as every sector of society has been greatly impacted, so have our local churches and their communities. This has a parallel affect upon the central and regional offices, and the personnel serving our movement. In line with similar decisions being made in many of our churches, the reduction of non priority programs, as well as a reduction of staff, has become necessary, including a 10 percent reduction in all continuing staff personnel.

As these realities are being faced in both a practical and sensitive manner, a deep conviction rose with the cabinet, as well as with the board of directors, which met the two days following the cabinet meeting. Our movement and the church everywhere have reason to believe that this season holds the promise of a distinct outpouring of divine grace and harvest. Pastor Jack stated, “The world’s darkest hours have always been the church’s brightest opportunities.” He continued, “In James 5 and 1 Kings 17, companion texts that join to demonstrate God’s faithfulness in ‘dry times,’ there is a multiplication of God’s miraculous provision.”

The president further called for all of us to heed James 5:7-8, to “establish our hearts,” receiving the promises and assurances of God’s word with patience, expecting God’s spirit to make this season one of victory. “God’s work among his people and his provision for each of us in such times as these is not dependent upon what mammon can provide. His kingdom is not ultimately resourced by money, but manna-his supernatural provisions,” said Pastor Jack.

In partnership with Sterling Brackett, secretary-treasurer, and Glenn Burris, general supervisor, Pastor Jack has prepared a brief video designed for communication with pastors, church councils and local church staff.

Watch video: Pastor Jack Hayford addresses economic realities (opens in new window)

* Voting procedures will follow the format introduced at last year’s convention. Voting delegates will be issued color-coded ballot packets. Ballots will be numbered and used for issues for which a written ballot is required. As noted above, presidential ratification will be done by written ballot. Voters must be present when the vote is taken; there is no voting by proxy (bylaws, article 5.5.A.). Licensed and ordained ministers and designated delegates from chartered Foursquare churches are eligible to vote.

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