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Jared and Ann Roth to Assume New Leadership Roles in Foursquare Service
The board of the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel has affirmed and approved the request of Jared and Ann Roth to assume new leadership roles in service to the denomination. Having served faithfully during recent years, Jared as vice president and Ann in a church multiplication role, and following conversations with the full board, the Roths have entered a doorway to continued ministry with the headquarters team with warm agreement on the objectives in view in partnership with the general supervisor and president-elect.

The Roths will continue their employment with the denomination’s headquarters in line with their original appointment to the Los Angeles offices. Their gifting and passion for church multiplication and church growth is renowned. They have stewarded their gift within the Foursquare Church, and they have been widely invited to consult with other evangelical denominations and groups.

Their new appointment, effective October 1, 2004, will begin with a much-deserved sabbatical, after which they will pursue their new assignment as consultants on church growth and church planting. Their services will be available to assist Foursquare church multiplication efforts in partnership with the national church office. Glenn Burris, the denomination’s general supervisor commented, “Jared and Ann’s reputation is also widely established in the larger Christian community, and their new role will not only serve our church, but allow them broad mobility to widely impact interdenominational circles, too.”

Though their employment continues with the headquarters office, the board has approved the Roths’ request that their functional operations be carried on at an office they are establishing in their home. This is consistent with the increasing number of field-based ministry and administrative posts around the country. Official correspondence with them should still be addressed to PO Box 26902, Los Angeles, CA 90026. With appreciation to them, the board makes this announcement, expressing gratitude to God that Jared and Ann’s gifts continue among us.

Board Approves President Hayford’s Recommendation Regarding Dr. Paul Risser
At the opening session of the 2004 convention, which received Dr. Paul Risser’s resignation and personal statement with graciousness and affirmation, the convention body expressed the will of the Foursquare movement to acknowledge his continuing place among us as an elder, friend, and leader. Pastor Jack Hayford, in his remarks at the closing service at which he was installed as the denomination’s president, announced his commitment to seek to serve the full release of both Paul and Marilee Risser’s ministry unto a fruitful future.

Having received the full support of his recommendation to the denomination’s board, Dr. Hayford has announced that, effective January 1, 2005, Paul Risser will be serving as a designated international ambassador and minister at large, representing The Foursquare Church both formally and informally, as occasion requires. Though the Rissers will be operating from an office in their home and carrying no formal portfolio of duties, their ministry will be available as invited, both nationally and internationally. All correspondence to them may be addressed to 850 E. Ocean Blvd., #1506, Long Beach, CA 90802.

“It’s with gratitude for decades of service in our fellowship that I announce their assignment,” stated Pastor Hayford. “It is authorized with joy and affirmed with blessing, under the authority of the board and the office of the president.”

President-elect Addresses Desire To Bring Reconciliation/Restoration
Overwhelming applause resounded in the San Francisco convention hall when, in his message following his installation as the fifth president of the Foursquare Church, Jack Hayford indicated his desire to seek recovery and renewal among our ranks of the ministry involvement of Drs. John and Doris Holland. John’s service as president of the church concluded in 1997. Irregularities in management occasioned the request, by the board and the cabinet, for his resignation.

Dr. Hayford explained: “At the time of his resigning, John was plagued by a severe intestinal and neurological illness. This required his full withdrawal from ministry for nearly a year, following which, apparent miscommunication and misunderstanding resulted in an absence of initiative by our officials to pursue restoration. It isn’t comfortable to review, but realism calls us to take reconciling steps, and I think we will all rejoice in the results of what is transpiring now.”

The present process will involve the interface of the international board and the executive officers of our church with the Hollands. Their open communicativeness has cleared the way for the reengagement of dialog with them, and both parties, our leaders and the Hollands, have reached out to one another.

“A warm and welcoming response was abundantly manifest by John and Doris when we contacted them. It is a delight to anticipate their renewed presence and ministry among us; a ministry that has continued in many interdenominational circles over the past 5 years.” President Hayford continued, “I urge us to receive the prophetic implications of this decisive action the Board has affirmed. May it characterize our hearts and lifestyle as a people reaching everywhere with the reconciling message of God’s love for everyone!”

Jim Scott Accepts Invitation To New Leadership Position
In partnership with the Los Angeles executive team, and under the board’s solid confirmation, president-elect Jack Hayford announces that Jim Scott has accepted a new assignment in service to The Foursquare Church. “Jim’s gifting and sense of mission are especially suited to our needs at this unique season of developments at our headquarters.”

Hayford emphasized that Scott’s first assignment is to examine procedures and fashion structures, targeting four objectives: (1) the reduction of administrative expenditures so a larger percentage of church resources will be distributed to the field for ministry; (2) the deepening of the headquarters staff’s sense of spiritual mission and a sharpening of its task-focus; (3) the setting in place of safeguards determined to prevent a repeat of past managerial misjudgments; and (4) the facilitating of our church multiplication initiative in partnership with the national church office.

Jim and Melinda Scott have served as pastors, as district supervisors and, more recently, as leaders in the “Go East!” initiative as they oversaw broad developments in densely populated areas of the northeastern United States. Their new appointment becomes effective October 1, simultaneous with the president-elect’s assuming of his new role as leader of The Foursquare Church.

Art Gray and Sterling Brackett
Art Gray, who has served as our corporate secretary since May 2002, is moving to a newly created executive position as director of urban and multicultural ministries, effective October 1, 2004. As he does so, Sterling Brackett, former president of Life East and present assistant corporate secretary, will step into the position of corporate secretary. Pastor Hayford said, “Art described his desire to move into a more direct interface with the needy areas of ministry to today’s world, and after conversations with others of our team we defined a missional target that resonated strongly with him and also answers to a basic need in our structure and strategies for the future. Of course, Sterling’s gift as an administrator and well-experienced leader among us more than qualifies him for his expanded role. He and Art will both become a part of the team of vice presidents, noted in the structure the board has approved and consistent with our bylaws.”

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