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My name is Kimberly Sedlak. My church home is The Rivers, a Foursquare congregation in Yuba City, Calif., pastored by Rob and Michele Christian. I am married to Thomas and have two children, Bonnie and Jacob.

God has done so much in the last few years. I walked into The Rivers knowing I desperately needed revival of my soul, my broken heart to be mended, healing from a painful childhood and for my marriage, and deliverance from my addictions. Instantly I felt God’s presence and a freedom that had been suppressed for so long.

As tears pour down my face, I felt His presence and a peace, knowing I would never turn back to my old life. I was finally ready and willing to give up my will and let God’s will be done. God touched me to the core that day. My soul was set free from all of my sins and grief and the condemnation that had a hold of me for so long.

I soon started attending The Rivers regularly. I finally no longer thirsted or hungered for drugs, alcohol, sex or the impurities of this world that I had used to fill that deep hole in my heart. I no longer desired to do the things that had ruined my life, my marriage, my way of thinking and my relationship with my children.

I wanted to change my life and heart, but I knew I needed God’s help. I couldn’t do this on my own. I was scared to deal with all of the skeletons in my closet. But God wanted to bring them to the surface so He could heal me.

I set an appointment with Pastor Rob. I was scared to tell him everything, but I did. When I was finished, I was surprised with his response: “Wow, and you’re still here, kiddo.” He didn’t prejudge me. He was very gentle and only gave me encouragement, and he saw me as God saw me-the person I was in Christ.

Being a part of The Rivers has been a cleansing and enlightening opportunity for me. God has put very special people in my life. I not only have an immediate family, but also a church family, brothers and sisters in Christ whom I love dearly. God is still doing a great work in my family and me, always helping us to change and grow, as we should be.