The Foursquare Church in Ukraine, and the body of Christ overall, continues to move forward in the region, sharing the hope and message of Jesus partnered with tangible expressions of God’s love on a daily basis. Media coverage might have dwindled in some respects, but our efforts haven’t—hundreds of people are coming to Christ each week as a result of the ministry that is happening, “relief as mission” at work.

Here’s a summary of what’s happening inside Ukraine and throughout Europe, and how you can continue to partner with Foursquare Disaster Relief (FDR) through prayer and practical support.


  • We are working on a project to build 50 homes—at $5,000 each—for Ukrainians who have lost everything, their homes and their land, and don’t have a place to stay. This exciting Ukraine Home Project is in partnership with Foursquare Ukraine, YWAM and Foursquare Missions International (FMI) workers in Romania.
  • Food distribution continues to happen in five key locations, through local Foursquare churches, on a weekly basis to thousands of people.
  • Bakeries are operating in three cities to employ Ukrainians without work and allow the church to offer a product that people need (baked goods) on a daily basis. This is an amazing ministry opportunity to engage families regularly.
  • Evacuation support continues from eastern cities, utilizing vehicles purchased via FDR and from people’s giving.
  • Throughout the summer, VBS camps happened in many of our churches, sometimes being held in bunkers, allowing kids to have a safe place to stay, have fun, debrief from the trauma they have experienced, be with other kids and hear about Jesus.
  • Continued care has been provided for orphan children who have been on the run in different cities because of the war.
  • Crews have been set up with tools and supplies to repair homes damaged by war and bombs for the winter season ahead. This includes fixing broken windows, doors, and holes in roofs and walls. We’ve also helped to create new ways to heat and cook in homes because gas service in many areas has been destroyed by the Russian military.
  • Continued shipments of medical aid are taking place throughout Ukraine.
  • Shelters are being erected to house Internally Displaced People (the technical term for a refugee inside a nation).


  • Continued monthly housing is being provided for 36 refugees in Kraków, and monthly housing is being provided for 17 refugees in Tarnów.
  • Shelters for refugees are operating in three cities.
  • The Wellspring Center in Nowy Targ for refugees is operational, offering job skills training, childcare, training, Bible study, computers and internet, resume help, and other resources to help refugees get better integrated into society.
  • Our workers are doing amazing work to partner with their cities to get more engaged with local resources as well as utilizing resources from FDR partners.


  • FMI workers in Romania are partnering with Foursquare Ukraine and YWAM in the Ukraine Home Project to build 50 homes—at $5,000 each—for Ukrainians who have lost everything.
  • Housing for 80 refugees is still operating daily.
  • New apartments and kitchens were furnished, and appliances installed this summer, to serve meals daily to hundreds of refugees.
  • Trucks full of relief supplies are being sent into Ukraine weekly with immediately needed food and supplies.


  • Food and housing for refugees continues in Bratislava through local churches.
  • Containers of supplies continue to be sent into Ukraine on a biweekly basis with immediately needed supplies and relief goods, food, medicine and more.
  • Slovakia is actively partnering with local churches in Ukraine.


  • Continued help is being provided for 80 refugees with housing, food, clothes and medical aid, as well as help with integration into society, getting jobs and serving personal needs of refugees.


  • Teaching weekly German classes to 10 refugee families
  • Continuing to house/find housing for Ukrainian families
  • Helping find jobs, school placement and university opportunities

Donate now to the housing project to build 50 homes at $5,000 each for Ukrainians who have lost everything.

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is the international response director of Foursquare Disaster Relief.