As 2019 brought some of the greatest human upheaval and geopolitical instability in recent memory, Foursquare Disaster Relief (FDR) remains a beacon of hope to communities facing crisis around the world.

This year, entire nations and tribes of people on every hemisphere were forced to leave their homes to flee economic ruin, brutal violence and widespread famine. However, it is in times like this that the church can truly be the city on a hill. While hundreds of millions of people experience the failure of finances, armies and governments to provide hope, we as the church carry Christ in us, the hope of glory. That is exactly what FDR does: It brings the hope of Christ to the front lines.

Perhaps this year’s biggest challenge has been that of refugees and displaced peoples, with overwhelming millions forced to flee their homes under threat of violence or destitution.

Across East and Central Africa, over 20 million have been displaced by violence and famine. Through FDR’s Project Nourish initiative, local Foursquare pastors offered food staples, along with prayers, to help people confront fear and despair with hope and salvation.

Meanwhile, FDR launched the Road to Hope to help Venezuelan families pouring across Colombia’s borders. To date, in partnership with local churches, FDR has supplied 5,000 hot meals and 300 packs of food and hygiene essentials for refugees looking for new homes.

In the Middle East, as Kurdish refugees are fleeing ISIS, brutal governments and even military invasions, FDR doubled its longstanding efforts to bring food, medicine, fuel and the hope of a Redeemer to thousands of families drowning in this dehumanizing plight.

As the year ends, the tide of natural disasters continues to wreak havoc. But FDR remains a force of hope in upheaval to rebuild and to feed, shelter and minister to communities.

This past year has proved that the only true hope in this world is Jesus. Thank you for your prayerful financial support that allows Foursquare Disaster Relief to champion that truth.

After a fatal cyclone ripped through Bangladesh, FDR helped rebuild the 10 Foursquare churches and many of the homes damaged in the wake of the storm. When Hurricane Dorian struck the Bahamas, FDR shipped a filtration system to one of six clean water access points. Hygiene kits, bedding and toiletries were distributed.

In the U.S., the Midwest endured flooding, the West Coast fought wildfires and California suffered earthquakes. FDR not only brought physical aid, but also emotional care through Foursquare chaplains.

Albania was shaken by a massive earthquake that affected thousands. There, FDR has been helping Foursquare missionaries feed over 150 families each week. In the Philippines, multiple earthquakes and a cyclone damaged dozens of Foursquare churches. In the aftermath, FDR has been partnering with local pastors to distribute thousands of food packs and help with repairs.

This past year has proved that the only true hope in this world is Jesus. On behalf of FDR directors Chad Isenhart, Jason Reynolds and the whole FDR team, thank you for your prayerful financial support that allows Foursquare Disaster Relief to champion that truth.

We know that need will continue into the new year. So, please, consider continuing your partnership with a year-end donation to the FDR Ready Fund. Your support allows Foursquare to continue to be that city on a hill, to keep FDR ready to serve and bring the gospel, wherever the need arises.

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is a freelance writer and member of Hillside (Reno Foursquare Church) in Reno, Nev.