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When Foursquare Disaster Relief (FDR) appealed for funds to help survivors of devastating fires in Myanmar, Foursquare leaders responded with donations and prayers for new believers in the village of Ngu Hu, where all 70 homes, a granary and a rice mill had burned.

In April and May, FDR‘s International Operations Chief Chad Isenhart coordinated donations totaling $12,500 to purchase a three-months’ supply of rice, seeds, cookware, fuel, clothing, temporary shelter for all community members, a chainsaw for rebuilding assistance, supplies for a new church building, thatch and zinc roofing for the church, and 30 Christians’ newly rebuilt homes.

On April 9, fires broke out among Myanmar‘s Ngu Hu village while most villagers were away working in rice fields. Community members with disabilities, seniors and children were unable to stop the flames. One young boy recalls: “When the fire started, my parents were out farming. The blaze lasted for such a long time and burned very hot until everything was destroyed in our home.”

Another man, Kya Hay, who previously lost his leg to a felled tree, shares: “When the fire burned our village, I lost everything, which was exceedingly sad because I cannot work very well due to my disability, and I tried to store up as many possessions as possible. But all the possessions I so valued were destroyed in the fire.”

When working villagers returned that evening, Christian families encouraged community members, and they prayed God would send someone to help.

“Our family has been Christian for only about a year, and we were all baptized in water,” one boy says. “But I never really prayed hard until that night when I asked God to send help. The next day, [Foursquare’s] Ko Aung came and gave us help. I know God answered our prayer!”

Myanmar’s Foursquare District 5 Supervisor Ko Aung arrived with a team the next day, with supplies donated by a local church in Kyaing Tong. But that wasn’t their only visit. With donations from FDR and coordination with Foursquare Missions International (FMI) Missionary Jason (last name withheld for security reasons), Foursquare Myanmar delivered additional food, supplies and practical aid in the village’s time of need.

This display of compassion and support convinced even the most hardened villager of God’s love and sovereignty.

Kya Hay, cousin to the Ngu Hu pastor, tells how became bitter one year ago when villagers chose to believe in Jesus as a result of Ko Aung’s medical ministry to the region.

“Some Sundays, they couldn’t even meet because I drank and shouted so loudly,” Kya Hay recalls. But his views about God changed when the fires came.

“Ko Aung arrived in our village with food, clothing and necessities to help us. I was afraid to come and ask for help because of all the trouble I caused in the past, but he called me out and gave my family food and a tarp to help build a temporary house. Such kindness shocked me!

“That evening,” Kya Hay continues, “I listened to the good news about God’s love and decided to follow Jesus. My old god and altar were destroyed by fire, but my new God is born in my heart and cannot be destroyed.”

With renewed hope, believers have expressed their praise to God and their gratitude to the Foursquare family.

“God has used Foursquare almost exclusively to come save them,” shares Jason. “Thank you, FDR, for all your speedy efforts helping us.”

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