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New York City is one of the cultural centers of the world. Jon Tyson, lead pastor of Trinity Grace Church, spends a lot of his days in a neighborhood of Manhattan known as Hell’s Kitchen.

Hunkering down and surviving the cultural onslaught might seem like a fair option, seeing as the cultural tide has turned against the church in the West. But Jon does not believe we are called to merely survive culture. “Jesus does not have a passive response to the culture. He has a vision for the culture,” he asserts.

Describing the church as a creative minority, he sees certain distinctives about our posture and ways that will enable us to see the renewal of culture. He also understands the challenges.

During this Training Session at Foursquare Connection 2016, Jon brought the needed pastoral, historical and theological clarity to the concept. Because wherever we see a culture that does not reflect the kingdom, we are called to more than coexistence. We are called to engagement for the sake of transformation.

You are already engaged with your city’s culture. Go further by learning from one of the most insightful church planters currently serving in a U.S. urban context. Because Jesus has a vision for the culture, and your church community is His agent of change.

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