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In an increasingly global world, the church and individual believers’ call to follow the Great Commission can be challenging as we navigate different cultures and religions. These books, guides and videos offer instructions on how to reach out cross-culturally and interact sensitively with visitors to our nation. From international students to refugees, an enormous and growing multinational population is waiting to be welcomed into our homes, hearts and God’s kingdom.

Minister to the Nations

Minister to the Nations is a new blog dedicated to helping believers reach out to our neighbors from different cultures and religions.


Urban and Multicultural Impact (UMCI)

UMCI is a ministry of the International Hope Center in Hamtramck, Mich., home to one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the U.S., with over 20 languages spoken in its borders. UMCI provides teams with seminar training and ministry opportunities to reach out cross-culturally.


A Biblical Perspective on Welcoming the Stranger

In a world where millions of people are migrating, what does it mean to be the church? Bible scholar Daniel Carroll explains a biblical perspective on immigrants and refugees. Recorded live at The Foursquare Church’s 2011 Multiethnic Summit.


Foreign to Familiar: A Guide to Understanding Hot- and Cold- Climate Cultures by Sarah A. Lanier

This book offers concise help to increase cultural understanding. Published by McDougal Publishing Company in 2000.


International Students Inc.

International Students Inc., though geared to international students on college campuses, offers materials on how to reach out cross-culturally to visitors to our nation.


Sent to Foreign Neighbors

As the world comes to the U.S., Foursquare pastors emphasize overcoming cultural barriers. Learn how to reach the different cultures and nations that are right around the corner from your church, in this session recorded live at Foursquare Connection 2015.


Seeking Refuge by Stephen Bauman, Matthew Soerens and Issam Smeir

This World Relief publication deals specifically with “refugee facts”—defining who refugees are, the risks and benefits of receiving them, and how compassion and security are balanced. This book also describes the role of the Church in today’s refugee crisis, offering specific ways to help those within and beyond our borders.


Jenny Yang on Refugees at the Justice Conference 2016

Jenny Yang, World Relief, highlights the importance of each individual refugee and underscores how refugees are transforming the life of the church.


Welcoming the Stranger

This book really speaks to the elephant in the room of "how do we marry rule of law and submission to authority placed over us by God and living God's heart for the least of these and most vulnerable from a biblical framework?"


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