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Have you ever looked around your church, in the midst of busy programs, building plans and media strategies, and wondered, “What are we doing here?” It seems that sometimes our systems and values end up creating a good experience and providing ministry to people, but fail to engage people in the calling of all Christians: servanthood.

Developing a strong theology of servanthood starts with us taking responsibility for ourselves as leaders, and making the decision to be a mentor who transforms the people we have before us into leaders who will make more leaders. The gateway to leadership is servanthood.
Are you looking for ways to increase your capacity to make disciples and raise up leaders, be they young or old? Daniel A. Brown’s “Multiply: Young Leaders” breakout session from Foursquare Connection 2014 provides insight from his years in ministry, and looks through Mark 3:13-14 and Mark 4:30-34 to offer a simple, practical, compelling vision for raising and releasing leaders.
Christian leadership always takes place in the context of relationship. We have a tendency to try and achieve too much in too short a time, and by necessity use shortcuts to get there. Although books, classes, sermons and videos are useful for concepts of servanthood, discipleship and leadership, nothing takes the place of how Jesus modeled these values.
“Until somebody accepts the responsibility for the spiritual wellbeing of another designated soul, they’re not a leader,” Daniel asserts. We must get back to the place of personal, direct discipleship, where we share our lives, work and passions as the context of discipleship, to release the next generation of leaders.Daniel A. Brown is a veteran of this model of ministry, so take an hour and check out this audio-only resource, available from The Foursquare Church for free download.

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