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When Jack Hayford speaks, we listen. It isn’t primarily his seniority in the church or his brilliance of thought that makes us listen. It is simply this: He walks the walk that he preaches, and overflows with the love of God, the presence of the Holy Spirit and the vitality of life in Christ. So it’s no surprise that he should speak on the necessity of the Holy Spirit in the life of the church.

How often have we struggled, both personally and pastorally, in seeing the biblical imperatives regarding life in the Spirit move from truth affirmed to truth lived? Pastor Jack has written richly in books such as The Beauty of Spiritual Language and Living the Spirit-Formed Life, yet even now he has more to deposit in the life of the church to serve us today and going forward in our assignments.

We are, as pastors and leaders in our churches, charged with shepherding our congregations in the life of the Spirit. This means that we have to be prepared to affirm, oversee, release and, at many times, restore the gifts of the Holy Spirit in the normal, everyday operation of the local church.

Of all of the gifts, tongues is the one that still causes some concerns. As one generation has been accused of being over-zealous for such a gift, another generation could be accused of neglecting it out of fear or disdain.

If tongues and all other God-given supernatural gifts are for the benefit of the church and the furtherance of the gospel, then we dare not neglect them, nor fail to pastor them well. At Foursquare Connection 2014 in Dallas, Pastor Jack led a Multiply Track that is a treasure trove of help as we navigate Spirit-life in our churches.

Pastor Jack’s winsome humor, natural gravitas and deep affection for pastors make this particular resource a great gift for leaders.

In this session, Pastor Jack takes over an hour to unpack biblical, practical ideas on making space for the operation of the gifts of the Spirit on Sunday morning, and in our daily lives. His winsome humor, natural gravitas and deep affection for pastors make this particular resource a great gift for leaders. There is a density to the things shared that will lend to repeat listening.

Whether you need encouragement to pursue your prayer language, training in how to properly release people into living in the power of the Holy Spirit, or comfort in hearing how an experienced pastor has effectively shepherded the gifts in his ministry, this live session with Pastor Jack is one you don’t want to miss.

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