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Bestselling author Margaret Feinberg explores analogies found throughout the Bible, such as being Jesus’ sheep or living in a land flowing with milk and honey, to find real-world applications that reveal God’s heart for each of us. Recorded live at Connection 2012 in Phoenix.

When renowned author Margaret Feinberg read the Bible, she wondered about the meanings behind many of Scripture’s analogies.

Why are there so many references to sheep? What would it look like to live in a Promised Land flowing with milk and honey? And what is John 15 actually teaching with its message about pruning branches from Christ as the Vine?

With these questions, Feinberg decided to start “scouting the divine,” she said at Connection 2012 in Phoenix. Her journey transported her across the United States as she observed a shepherdess, a beekeeper and a vintner involved in their crafts.

Through her travels, Feinberg discovered the care taken with God’s creation and, subsequently, the care He takes to design each of His kids to become productive, fruitful and beautiful when, as the author says, we each “respond to the voice of God in our lives.”

Watch a video clip from this session.

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