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Good News Bears Club is a discipleship ministry for ages 3-5. This flexible curriculum guides younger and older children through several weeks of biblical themes and topics. Kids will learn that God has a plan for their life, who Jonah is, and how to take care of God’s green earth.

The program places a strong emphasis on making God’s truths known by memorization of Scripture, Bible discovery and learning activities.Good News Bears Club develops spiritual growth in the children. You will learn to discern what their needs are and to develop their God-given potential of ministry to each other. As the children experience Christ’s love, they will, in turn, want to share it with others.Each lesson walks educators through the four “BEAR” steps:

  • Begin
  • Educate
  • Activity
  • Rap-it-Up
This versatile ministry can be used during:

  • Sunday morning or evening
  • Midweek services
  • An after-school program
  • Community outreach

All programs are fully reproducible and available for use at all Foursquare churches. Download as many as you would like, and watch the Bible come alive for your youngest church members.

Looking for Good News Bear for kids ages 6-11? Click here.

Armor of God

We can all be "victors" in Jesus


Daniel and the Lion's Den

God hears us when we pray and answers our prayers.


Design Time

God, who creates all things, helps us to be creative.


Don't Be Afraid

Know what to do when we are afraid.


Get Ready for Jesus' Return

Jesus promised to return for Christians so that we can live with Him in heaven forever.


Good Choices in Jesus

Teach children how to make good choices, and help them realize that God always knows the choices we make even if those choices are hidden from other people.


Good Manners

The importance of good manners and hospitality.


Jesus is Baptized

Help children become familiar with the idea of water baptism, and begin to prepare them for the time when they will make a personal decision to get baptized.


Jesus is Our Guide

Know that Jesus will always show us what to do and guide us.


Jesus the Life Saver

Know that Jesus is the only One who can take away our sins and give us a new life of freedom.


Jonah and the Big Fish

Teach children about obedience and repentance.



Teach preschoolers that even they can talk to God.



Help preschool children understand their importance to Jesus and that He always has time for them.


Teddy Bear Night

Use teddy bears to talk about how we need to be hugged and treated with kindness and gentleness.


The Church is People

The church is made up of people who love Jesus and want to work together to help Him.


The Meaning of Communion

The grape juice and bread used in Holy Communion reminds us that Jesus died for our sins; Jesus is alive today and loves us very much.


The Multi-Colored Coat

Envy can damage people and relationships.


What We Believe

The relationship between the word "Foursquare" and the four-fold ministry of Jesus Christ in the church today.


Who Is The Holy Spirit?

Help preschool children begin to understand the person of the Holy Spirit.


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