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While many organizations around the world are talking about ways to alleviate the refugee crisis, Foursquare Disaster Relief and individual Foursquare churches are stepping forward to answer the cry for practical supplies and, just as important, hope. Here are what Foursquare pastors around the globe are doing to help refugees across the world or right next door. These powerful testimonies are an excellent resource for any church leader who wants to get their congregation involved bringing God’s love to refugees.

German Church Welcomes Refugees

As Syrian refugees flood into Germany, Foursquare Pastor Ewald Zelmer invites believers to see refugees’ arrival as an opportunity for the gospel. In a six-minute video, watch how his church is welcoming weary travelers and discipling refugees to reach Arabic-speaking communities. Produced by The Foursquare Church.


A Bhutanese Blessing

Refugees can come from anywhere in the world. Years ago, families fled Bhutan, leading two men who are now U.S. Foursquare pastors to seek shelter in Nepal. In this 10-minute interview, hear how they led Hindus to Christ in camps, and now pastor Nepalese churches in the U.S. Filmed live at Foursquare Connection 2015.


Foursquare Cares for ISIS-Attacked Refugees

From a refugee camp in Turkey, Foursquare Pastor Huseyin Ocek shares stories of families who fled violence in Syria and Iraq and sought refuge in his hometown. Filmed by Foursquare Disaster Relief, this three-minute clip illustrates how Foursquare churches are caring for survivors in crisis.


How God Is Moving Amid the Refugee Crisis

Amid the largest migration of people since World War II, God is moving. From Turkey, one Foursquare worker shares how his community’s perception of Christians has changed as a result of his church’s work to care for refugees in their neighborhood.


Foursquare Responds to Syrian Refugee Crisis

New to the refugee crisis happening right now in the Middle East? Take two minutes, and watch as Chad Isenhart, international operations chief for Foursquare Disaster Relief, visits refugee camps in Turkey and shares how we can be the church for many in their hour of need.


Foursquare Cares for Child Survivors of War

In Turkey, Foursquare churches are on the front lines of caring for Middle East refugees, many of whom are children. There, Rabia Tufan ministers to disabled children. Hear her three-minute testimony about God’s miraculous healing for one refugee boy, as told to Foursquare Disaster Relief.


Why Turkey Needs Your Best Church Workers

Turkey is home to many New Testament stories, but it’s a modern-day Muslim nation. Today, as this nation becomes a refugee hub, Foursquare church workers are needed more than ever. Watch this five-minute video by Foursquare Missions International, and pray about your part to play.


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