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The subtitle of this 50-page booklet will perhaps give an idea of its content: “A Summary of Five Significant Areas of Identity Congruence for The Foursquare Church.” But if terms such as “identity congruence” make you think we’re speaking another language, fear not—this short booklet is still for you. In fact, it’s important reading for every person who calls The Foursquare Church home.

Based on doctoral research by Gateway District Supervisor Sam Rockwell and the resultant multi-author text published in 2017 titled Identity Keystones, editor Aaron Friesen, an assisting minister at Eugene Foursquare Church in Oregon, has condensed writings on the five main areas that The Foursquare Church has identified as points of distinction as a movement and as areas that will benefit from conversation within our family of churches.

Covering vital aspects of what it means to be Foursquare and including topics from our Pentecostal ethos to our commitment to releasing women into all areas of ministry leadership, this offering is worthy of our careful attention. The booklet provides historical and theological context for each keystone, and can serve as a foundation for study and consideration personally or as a group.

Foursquare Identity Keystones

Learn about what makes Foursquare distinctive