The term “foursquare” isn’t common today (outside of a certain social website). But its history far precedes our movement, The Foursquare Church. Download, print, read and share this newly released brochure that summarizes the scriptural roots and our use of the term “Foursquare Gospel.”

Printing Tips
Here are some helpful tips for printing this brochure. Print at “actual size / 100%” and select “two-sided for long-edge binding.” If margins are cut off during printing, select “print to fit to page.” If you are having trouble, contact Foursquare Communications.

Print Version: Roots of the Foursquare Gospel

Download this printable brochure to learn more about the Foursquare Gospel. Note, the second page of the print-ready brochure appears upside down for front-back printing.


Web Version: Roots of the Foursquare Gospel

Download this version of the brochure to view online. Note, we suggest downloading the "printable version" if you intend to print front-back.