Update from the Foursquare Church

On June 15, six new Foursquare districts opened their doors with the goal of serving and caring for the leaders in their district.

Each district has a team devoted to strengthening the Foursquare leaders and churches in their respective local communities through training, care, resourcing and partnership. All district staff is part of the distributed One Team working together to serve and grow our local leaders.

Finding your new district

  • Visit the district webpage on FoursquareLeader.org to find your new district. Discover who is on your district team, how to contact the district staff, and how to follow your district on social media.
  • Bookmark FoursquareLeader.org for info on everything from your new district and team, to credentialing, properties, church planting, insurance and more!
  • Follow Foursquare on social media @WeAreFoursquare for important updates and reminders.
  • Have more questions? Call the Foursquare One Team at 888.635.4234.

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