One of the many changes Foursquare leadership has made recently to better align our resources (i.e., people and processes) is that of our district team design. Serving the consolidated districts are both district teams and shared teams, such as Credentials, Properties, Administrative Specialists and Field Support Services. The integrated “one team” in its totality is postured to work together systemically and practically.

Within the geographic districts are supervisory teams. As Chanda Crutcher, supervisor of the Atlantic District, explains, these teams serve with “prayerful and strategically developed skills and gifts that are complimentary and not necessarily duplicative. This expands our capacity to serve pastors both where they are (geographically and missionally) and how they need to be served (contextually).”

Alongside the supervisory teams within each district’s geography are:

Regional Pastors

Organizationally focused on the long-term healthy development of pastors, leaders, church councils, congregations and local communities, and duties as outlined in Bylaw 8.3.

Area Pastors

Relationally focused on care and prayer for pastors and leaders, and duties as outlined in Bylaw 8.3.

District Missions Mobilizer

Serves as a bridge to connect local leaders and congregations to global mission, and a catalyst to mobilize more and growing leaders to the nations both near and far.

Next Generation Coordinator

Focuses on the identification, development and multiplication of NextGen leaders to serve our local churches. Equipping local churches through training, networking opportunities, camps and events.

NextGen Regional Pastors

Geographically and organizationally focused on the long-term healthy development of leaders, pastors and environments that reach, grow and launch serving the next generation.

Multiethnic Coordinator

Welcomes leaders from diverse ethnic and language groups into Foursquare, partnering with each language and culture group to equip and empower leaders so that the gospel continues to expand to new people, places, cultures and languages. They also serve as a bridge between local leaders to the global Foursquare family and our national, ethnic networks to provide the language and culture resources necessary to reach and partner with every part of the diverse communities to which God has called them.

Communication + Events Coordinator

Coordinates regionally and partners nationally on all Foursquare and district events, as well as communications through social media, email, gatherings and overall messaging.  

District Administrator

Serves the district teams as a primary liaison between local church leaders and the administrative services provided by Foursquare. The role focuses on district budget management, systems administration, church registration and consulting, and training for church leaders.

Administrative Support

Supports and serves the district team through front of house engagement, phones, calendars and coordination.

“We are leveraging all our strengths, creativity and force to serve our local leaders simply. We exist to serve you, our leaders, as you extend the reach of the gospel to your contexts.” —Wendy Nolasco

Each role has a unique and distinct domain of expertise, coupled with a national peer cohort and leader to help advance our objectives as a missionally focused movement. Through this integration, we have the benefit of collectively yielding the innovation that occurs regionally and distributing it nationally.

Supporting the district teams are other teams, such as Credentials, Property, Administrative Specialists and Field Support Services, where we have some early case studies of positive experiences through specialists who are singularly focused around serving those in the process of Foursquare licensing.

“This team,” says David Eddy, associate supervisor of the Northwest District, “jumped into each situation and handled them with incredible grace, speed and personal connection … modeling customer service, personal connection; and the leaders I speak with see it and appreciate it.”

Each of these shared service teams are an extension of districts with a concentrated focus on a named skill, function or service.

Credentials Team

The welcome committee standing on the front porch of Foursquare, prepared and strategically positioned to equip, enculturate, and empower more and growing leaders.

Property Team

This team focuses on the stewardship of church properties and facilitation of all property transactions throughout the U.S. in partnership with district supervisors.

Administrative Specialists

Provide specialized technical expertise in areas ranging from nonprofit finance, administration and multiethnic ministry. These roles facilitate strong administrative systems and contextualized best practices through consultation, training and development of administrative resources for ministry leaders in various contexts.

Field Support Services

This team provides technical and front office administrative support to global workers, donor care services, and international and U.S. contract and grant administration.

Integration does not end with efforts within the U.S. Foursquare Church alone; we have also aligned our team to span our global reach. Our district missions mobilizers are bridges to the global teams and disaster relief.

Additionally, the positioning of Foursquare Missions International (FMI) Director Paul Greer and Shared Mission Director Emily Plater, in closer proximity with district supervisors, has created synergy around our expansion efforts. The partnership is building upon where we have been to where we are going.

Regardless of function, the idea is the same—we are better together. We are leveraging all our strengths, creativity and force to serve our local leaders simply. We exist to serve you, our leaders, as you extend the reach of the gospel to your contexts.

Throughout the rest of 2021, you’ll hear more about how district teams are serving you as a leader on the front lines of ministry. We’ll also share how other teams in Foursquare are here to support you and your church, including Foursquare Multiply.

is the vice president/general supervisor of The Foursquare Church.