Banning Liebscher
Banning Liebscher

One of the fast tracks to soul weariness is pursuing a false definition of success.

The world defines success by material prosperity and social popularity. It’s so easy to start running after a “spiritual” version of worldly success measured by social media followers, book sales, conference attendees or warm bodies in the pews on Sunday morning.

The moment we start chasing the world’s version of success is the moment we position our souls to be worn down by striving and attacked by disappointment and doubt.

The fast track to soul restoration is realignment with how God defines success. God’s definition of success is simply to be faithful and obedient with what He has given us to steward, and to trust Him with the results. Doing this breaks us out of striving and positions us to rest and depend fully on His grace, the only unquenchable source of energy in the universe.

Reflect + Pray

1. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal where you may be running after worldly success, and repent of anything He shows you.

2. Invite the Lord to restore your soul by helping you refocus on what He’s asked you to steward.

3. As you go into worship duties this week, remind yourself of the Lord’s definition of success and how that differs from the world’s. Thank Him for all the blessings in your ministry.

4. Lift up the district supervisor and board meetings this week, where they will be choosing final presidential candidates for The Foursquare Church, as well as reviewing proposed bylaw amendments. Ask God to guide our church leaders in accordance with His will.

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is the founder of the Jesus Culture movement and ministry, and lead pastor of Jesus Culture Sacramento.