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What was Peter thinking when he stepped out of that boat in Matthew?

Some think he was being presumptuous or maybe “just Peter” with his bold and brash sensibilities. Yet there’s something so right that happened there. It’s what should happen whenever we hear the word of the Lord: faith. For Peter, just one word, “Come,” was enough (Matt. 14:29, NKJV). Something rose up within him and overcame logic, peer pressure and all fear. It was walking-on-water-faith.

When the Spirit of God moves upon us with the gift of faith, we may seem irrational or illogical to onlookers. That’s hard for leaders who wrestle with the risks of different decisions, even “looking at the numbers” to assess those risks.

We must always leave room for the Lord to work beyond our natural sensibilities—to listen for that “come” that runs contrary to conventional wisdom or known logic, but which leads to something utterly incredible that only God can do.

Video: The Gifts of Faith

The gift of faith mobilizes people. Be encouraged today to see circumstances as God sees them, and then, celebrate the ways He will build His kingdom through you.

Watch Adam Davidson’s video.

Prayer Points

  • Ask God in what areas of your life He could be asking for you to take a big step out in faith.
  • Pray for the wisdom to discern what leaps of faith are human impulses versus divine suggestions, and for the courage to fulfill them.
  • Ask God to diminish the noise of fear, criticism and anxiety that might be preventing you from hearing Him.

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