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Knowledge is more than just facts. Biblical knowledge comes from an up-close-and-personal relationship with someone or something. The way to know more about anything is to deepen your experience with it.

Our word “disciple” comes from the Koine Greek word mathetes meaning “learning” or “student,” and all learning begins with a realization that we don’t know something. In my early life, I thought I knew it all. Then I realized I knew nothing. Now I realize I know a little about a lot. My mind is set on the one thing that opens the door to all knowledge: Jesus.

When we put on the mind of Christ, and open to the circuitry of the Spirit, our minds and spirit are constantly renewed by the One who knows everything. The Spirit can dispense knowledge and wisdom whenever and to whomever.

Knowledge becomes wisdom, which becomes truth. Knowledge is to know Christ. Wisdom is to make Christ known. Truth is Jesus, the culmination of all knowledge and wisdom.

Video: Relational Knowledge

The biblical gift of knowledge is relational. The Spirit can bring to our minds things about Christ, ourselves and others, so that we may know Him and make Him known.

Watch Leonard Sweet’s video.

Prayer Points

  • Jesus, help me to know one thing and one thing only: Jesus Christ and Him crucified, our risen, regnant and returning Lord.
  • Dear God, You have promised to increase our faith. So today I ask for an increase in crops, especially the fruit of the Spirit called knowledge. Give me the desire to receive this fruit with humility, not to lord it over others, but to point others to the Lord and giver of life.
  • Lord, may my highest ambition in life be not only to pray the Lord’s Prayer with meaning and mission, but also to become a Lord’s Prayer, so that everything I do is a prayer-offering to You.
  • Eternal God, fill me this day with Your Spirit, so that I may be Spirit-driven in all I do, guarded and guided with the knowledge of Your will and ways, thereby bearing the marks of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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is a professor of evangelism at Drew University in Madison, N.J.