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21 Days of Prayer 2017

Today’s Scripture:
Read Psalm 119:97-104.

“Oh, how I love all You’ve revealed; I reverently ponder it all the day long. Your commands give me an edge on my enemies; they never become obsolete. I’ve even become smarter than my teachers since I’ve pondered and absorbed Your counsel. I’ve become wiser than the wise old sages simply by doing what You tell me. I watch my step, avoiding the ditches and ruts of evil so I can spend all my time keeping Your Word. I never make detours from the route You laid out; You gave me such good directions. Your words are so choice, so tasty; I prefer them to the best home cooking. With Your instruction, I understand life; that’s why I hate false propaganda.” —Psalm 119:97-104 (MSG)

Devotional Thought for Today:
We love the revealed word of God and meditate on it all day. His Word is forever pertinent; it defeats the commands of the wicked. When the Word becomes our source of wisdom, we become far more equipped than our secular teachers. Yes, we become wiser than the sages and wise men of ancient times. We make sure to watch our steps lest we fall into ditches and ruts of evil. This enables us to stay always connected to His words. Because He gives us good direction for our lives, we need not go on time-consuming detours.

Today’s Prayers:

    Dear Lord, I seek Your direction and the fullness of Your wisdom.
    Lord, give us wisdom for every conversation we have with non-believers. May Your Word be sown into good soil for an abundant harvest. Release dreams in believers that elevate hope and show us Your love.
    Lord, I pray for those who are influenced by wordly agendas, false religions and ruts of evil. May Your Word penetrate hearts and minds. Bring hope and victory over all forces that attempt to come against the knowledge of God.

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