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Today most of us don’t live in fortified cities.

There are few walls around modern cities to protect us. In ancient times, walls were necessary to protect citizens. People did not intend to isolate themselves, but they did need a barrier to stay safe. This is still true today; we need each other, but we also need boundaries for a safe and healthy life.

In this age, physical walls cannot help us. Cities are bigger, time seems to move faster, diseases are more contagious and deadly.
The Enemy has new weapons he has launched against our society, and physical walls aren’t the answer.

Self-control is our strong armor in this age. It helps us fine-tune our reactions, reign over our tongues, and fix our eyes and minds on what is important.

In Nehemiah, we find the walls of Jerusalem had broken down in many places and needed to be upgraded to be safe again. Is this true of your self-control? Check your armor to see if there is a crack or gap where the Enemy can use your own attitudes against you. If you find any, you must upgrade your self-control internally, while choosing to extend the love of Christ outward.

Video: Self-Control Brings Protection

Our actions, feelings, attitudes and motivations are all under our self-control. Much like the walls around a city can protect, everyone can perform freely within the right limits.

Watch Ihsan Ozbek’s video.

Prayer Points

  • Pray that the Lord helps us to see our weakest areas.
  • May He give us wisdom to find a way to upgrade those areas and strengthen our boundaries.
  • We don’t want to isolate ourselves. Pray that He would help us to show His love to others.

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