Annette McCabe
Annette McCabe

Today, I want us to pray for ourselves as we reflect on Peter’s second conversion, the one where he learned about the greatness of God’s reach.

Acts 10:9-19 tells about a dream Peter had that blew up his worldview of whom God would choose to bring into relationship. Peter’s life had been about following a God of boundaries and rules. Even after his time walking with Jesus, Peter still existed within the narrow confines of what he felt was “clean” in God’s sight.

Peter was following God in the way he best knew how. He wasn’t a bad leader; he just was doing what we all do, walking in the familiar and safe.

The broadness of God’s reach was far beyond what Peter could have foreseen, but the key to understanding the reach is that it’s based in the great power of Christ. “Do not call something unclean if God has made it clean” (v.15, NLT). Christ’s victory was so great, it has demolished the boundaries of where God is at work.

Prayer + Reflection

  • God, we are trying our hardest to follow Your call, but we confess our view is limited. We draw lines and boundaries about whom You can reach. Forgive us.
  • We want to live in the great power that raised Jesus from the dead and made even the unclean things clean. Lord, give us a greater revelation of the power of the cross and resurrection.
  • We know there are people ready to hear Your message waiting for us as the messengers. Today, we open ourselves to You and say we will go to their houses and be with them, no matter how far outside of our “normal’ that might be.

is co-lead pastor of New Hope Foursquare (Vancouver Foursquare Church) in Vancouver, Wash.

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