Bob Hunt
Bob Hunt

My neighbor hated Christians—she leaned politically left of Chairman Mao. But she lived next door and seemed to like our occasional chats. Would she throw me off her porch if I mentioned my faith?

A man had only days to live. No medical degree was necessary to understand that AIDS was ravaging his body. Yet, his mind remained sharp. Would my talk of eternity intrigue or disturb his final moments?

In the middle of the Amazon jungle, a blind woman waited. By the time I arrived, she had heard Jesus was healing. Would He heal her?

In Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria—even the ends of the Earth—Jesus’ strategy of global evangelism was brilliant in its precision, inclusiveness and simplicity. But it was only possible with the power of the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:8).

Two thousand years later, nothing has changed. Our responsibility to witness continues.

Whether to the Amazon jungle (she was healed), across the street (she enjoyed our faith conversations) or in your own Samaria (that place we fear—he listened to the gospel, and I trust he eventually believed), all we are asked to do is go and testify to what we have witnessed, trusting and praying He will do the rest.

Prayer + Reflection

  • Holy Spirit, give me ears to hear and eyes to see what the Father is doing today in my Jerusalem.
  • Lord, give me power and compassion to bring the kingdom to my own version of Samaria.
  • Father, give me your heart for every nation and people group, and show me how to respond in Your love.

serves The Foursquare Church as director of Foursquare Missions Press.