“… And they will return to the Lord, and Hewill listen to their pleas for mercy and heal them.” (Isa. 19:22, ESV)

Recently we were with a group of people who were seeking healing. After praying for one another, God immediately healed many.

A few remained whose healing had not yet physically manifested. Curious and disappointed, Juma, a young Muslim man suffering from malaria, asked why he hadn’t been healed.

After sensing a genuine desire to understand, I shared three principles from Scripture that, when lived out, align us with God’s will and power:

1. Repent. Prov. 3:7-8 instructs us that allowing the Holy Spirit to change our mind about our situation and heart condition is necessary and healthy.
2. Honor His presence. Matt. 13 teaches that miracles can’t occur where there is dishonor and unbelief. Bless the Lord, remember His goodness and thank Him for His forgiveness, healing, redemption, kindness and mercy (Ps. 103:2-4).
3. Boldly ask in faith. Luke 5:17. Do not hesitate to ask, because “the power of the Lord was present to heal …”

I quickly prayed Mark 1:41 over Juma, that he would be cleansed of the malaria. God immediately demonstrated His supernatural compassion and healing. Several days later, Juma surrendered his life to Jesus.

Prayer + Reflection

1. Repent of any sin that is keeping you from the heart of God.
2. Thank God for His forgiveness, healing and deliverance. Honor His goodness in your prayers.
3. Ask boldly for the healing desired, praying for God’s will in all situations. Remember Luke 18:1—even if you’ve asked before, ask afresh today, and don’t lose heart!

president of Ministry Training Network.


  1. Blessings 4SQ Family … thanks so much for these encouraging Devo’s … the LORD is moving me into the gift of Healing so again thank you. 😉

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