Ro Anderson
Ro Anderson

These two words are a simple, short and straightforward command: “Pray continually” (1 Thess. 5:17, NIV).

However, to pray continually is not easy. Where do we find the time in the busy seasons to be praying continually?

There is hope, because “pray continually” is an encouragement to our hearts. Jesus reminds us that He is at work in our lives every day, and especially when we pray.

Praying continually also is evangelism. Pray today for open opportunity: a moment in time when the Holy Spirit makes the heart and mind available for the message of the gospel and the mystery of Jesus Christ to be believed and trusted.

I am excited that Jesus is at work in the world, compelling people from every background, tribe and tongue to believe the Good News and put their trust in Him.

Prayer + Reflection

  • Ask Jesus to give us the strength to pray continually, even when it’s hard. He does understand.
  • Be encouraged that when we pray, Jesus is at work in our lives every day. He wants our time with Him to be a delight, not a burdensome task.
  • Pray for the open opportunity to evangelize. Pray that the Holy Spirit will compel people from every background, tribe and tongue to receive the Good News and place their trust in Jesus.

is the senior pastor of The Gathering Place (Marion Foursquare Church) in Delaware, Ohio.