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“Iesu Kuu pai laka mana wahi apau.”

I have a smile on my face because my computer has red lines under every word in the phrase above indicating that my spelling is wrong. These Hawaiian words say, “Jesus is my pilot where ever I may go.”

A long time ago during my fishing career and before I became a pastor, these Hawaiian words were inscribed on my fishing boat to remind me that Jesus is my pilot. And I must say what a wonderful pilot He has been to me over the years.

He has navigated my path and has guided me through the straight and narrow. He has helped me to make many decisions. And when I steered under His guidance, it brought much fruit to His Kingdom and to my life. Following Him has helped me to stay focused on the assignment He has given me. He has helped me stay clear of and getting caught up in some bad storms.

I was reading Esther 3:2 about when Mordecai made the decision not to bow down before the very wicked man Haman. Mordecai made a difficult choice not to kneel down to him. Kneeling was a sign of respect and honor and Mordecai refused to bow to Haman. He had the courage to stand alone.

Standing on your convictions will not always make you popular. Those who do what is righteous will be the minority. But, to obey God is more important than to obey people.

When people demand loyalties or duties from you that do not honor God don’t give in. It may very well be time to take a stand.

There are many times when I am expected to go along with other people or to join with their plans. Other ministries want to come in and vie for my time and finances and most of these requests are good. But I need to ask myself, “What is Jesus saying to me?” I must remember that He is my pilot.

I am still learning to stand alone by making decisions that are not so popular with others. But come to think of it, am I really standing alone? No way! Jesus stands with me. I need not be afraid to make difficult decisions because…

“Iesu Kuu pai laka mana wahi apau.”

Prayer Focus: Lord, nothing is too difficult for you. Help us always make decisions that will please you. I ask that you continue to show us the way. We love you!

Alex Pacheco is supervisor of the Hawaii District of Foursquare Churches

is the senior pastor of La Vida (Angleton Hispanic Foursquare Church) in Angleton, Texas.