Glenn Burris Jr.
Glenn Burris Jr.

I find that simply being together with my family, in the presence of one another, is restorative to my soul. This rings equally true for my Foursquare family. I get the privilege of hearing from you, about your families and your ministries, and I’m encouraged by what God is doing in and through the Foursquare family. Your stories put fresh wind in my sails, and inspire and motivate me to press on. I believe many of us experience this kind of refreshment when we’re together; it’s one of the biggest reasons I hope to see you at Foursquare Connection 2019 in Nashville, Tenn.

The Foursquare family has been a blessing to Debbie and me, and we look forward every year to our family time at Foursquare Connection. We are excited that Foursquare Connection 2019 will take place at the beautiful Gaylord Opryland Resort + Convention Center, May 27-30.

One of Debbie’s and my favorite places to experience inspiration and joy is the Opryland Hotel. There are so many things to do, from shopping and restaurants to gardens and a brand new water park; it’s possible you won’t even want to leave the facility! Opryland was designed for personal refreshment, restoration and relaxation, and without a doubt we have experienced that there, and we hope you will, too.

Our Connection themes have progressed along Jesus being our Savior, Baptizer, Healer and Coming King. This year, we will focus on Jesus our Healer. We are calling our theme “Restored by Jesus” because when Jesus touches our brokenness, He has the power to restore us to being better than we were before. We see Jesus do this repeatedly throughout the Gospels. He not only healed people of their physical ailments, but He restored their dignity and worth. Many of us are walking testimonies of what God has done in our lives.

We are contending for holistic and restorative healing when we gather together as a Foursquare family in Nashville. I’m already looking forward to seeing God’s healing power in action among us.

Jesus understands our brokenness; nobody understands the deep wounds caused by suffering more than Him. Our theme verse from Isaiah 53:5 says, “by His wounds we are healed” (NIV). His body was literally broken for us so that we could have healing and restoration that is eternal. We are already sensing God will be bringing a word of healing, and some of our Foursquare family will be sharing their testimonies of how God has restored them. Our mission is to represent Jesus, the only One who can bring about wholeness at every level.

Our Connection offering this year will again be focused on recruiting and sending more workers to the field. You may remember Foursquare Missions International Director Ted Vail challenging us last year with the idea of putting ourselves in the offering plate. What might God call you to do, or where might He call you to go? How might He call you to pray, give or go? Will you be ready to respond in obedience to whatever that is? Our movement is still fundamentally driven by the Great Commission, and we will continue to take the gospel into all the world until all have heard.

For the first time in 10 years, we’ll also be electing a new president at Connection. As I’m coming into the last year of my term, I’m reminded of how much I’ve considered it a privilege to serve our Foursquare family in this role. Debbie and I encourage you to be in prayer during the coming months for our new president.

Starting in January, our cabinet of over 100 leaders will be praying specifically and contending for this person, who will begin in office in September 2020. Selection is happening a year early on purpose, so I can have the opportunity to impart the lessons I’ve learned serving as president during the past two terms. I have complete trust and assurance that our next president will be divinely appointed and anointed to serve us in the coming season. We pray you will be there for this historic moment.

When Jesus touches our brokenness, He has the power to restore us to being better than we were before.

We are contending for holistic and restorative healing when we gather together as a Foursquare family in Nashville. I’m already looking forward to seeing God’s healing power in action among us, and pray you will leave reenergized, refreshed and reinvigorated to continue leading and serving in the places God has called you.

We can’t wait for you to join us! Follow the links below to learn more and register today.

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served as the president of The Foursquare Church from 2009-2020.


  1. Blessings and Thank You Pastor Glenn, for encouraging and reminding us of God’s restoration. My wife Tere and I are looking forward to Connection and the Restoration theme messages. January 2nd at our home church New Life Church Bakersfield Jonathan and James Ranger shared their restoration story. As they were sharing I asked God for that restoration between my son and our family. God spoke to me in that moment and said ” This Year “. Glenn it had been 6 yrs since any family member had spoken or seen Mike. I thought well God will act in the next 11 months. Over the next few days God had arranged ” encounters ” for us to bump into each other.
    God is so good and merciful that, without going into all the God movements that He designed we are purposefully on the path to Restoration
    See you in Nashville
    Bob and Tere’ Dunn
    Prayer Team and Freedom Ministry Pastors
    New Life Church Bakersfield

  2. This is great Glenn! We are so excited for this conference as well as the Foursquare Chaplains Training a few days prior. We are contending as well for our chaplains- that those who can attend- will be refreshed in the Lord and feel rejuvenated as they return to their ministry assignments. It’s going to be a wonderful convention, no doubt!

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