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Foursquare pastors and local church leaders should expect to see visitors arriving at their churches soon with a new welcome pack downloaded from It’s part of an upgraded church locator on that helps connect visitors to local Foursquare churches and pastors.

Here’s how it works: Visitors to search the online church locator and find a Foursquare church they would like to visit. They download and print the welcome pack, and bring it with them when they visit. The printout provides everything they will need to locate the church and connect with the senior pastor, including a map to the church, the church’s address, phone number and email address, and the pastor’s name. The welcome pack also includes a place for visitors to provide their contact information so the pastor has a record of the visit.

“This is a win-win feature of that helps potential guests connect with our churches,” says Foursquare Vice President and General Supervisor Tammy Dunahoo. “People need a quick and accurate way to find our pastors and churches, and this is a practical way to help make that happen.”

Every Foursquare church in the U.S. is automatically set up to benefit from the church locator and welcome pack. Details about each church are automatically pulled from The Foursquare EZRA database. Each church can update and maintain the accuracy of its data in EZRA so that current information displays when a visitor finds a church through

When a pastor receives a welcome pack from a visitor, he or she can scan the QR code (like a bar code) with a smart phone or use the provided unique link. This step helps document how many visitors found a Foursquare church using the church locator on

The Foursquare church locator also includes tabs for potential visitors to view information about pastor(s) at the church, church details and stats, and local (district) Foursquare news feeds. Reviews of the church from can also be viewed for each church. Church members and visitors are encouraged to share their experiences at local Foursquare churches on Yelp so that future visitors will have even more information about the church.

These new features of are one more example of how The Foursquare Church is connecting people to those who are sharing the love of Jesus Christ with the world.

View a sample church locator listing and download an example of the welcome pack by clicking the “Visit This Church” box.

By: Rod Light, an ordained Foursquare minister and educator in Los Angeles

was an ordained Foursquare minister, Life Pacific University instructor and freelance writer.

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