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When Foursquare Missions Global Response Coordinator Tom Hinton visited Tocopilla, Chile, his plan was to assess the area where just last month an earthquake left two dead and 15,000 homeless. However, he was met with a surprise—local Foursquare pastors wanting to help others instead.

Upon discussion of Cyclone Sidr—which made landfall near Bangladesh on November 15, killing more than 3,000—a local Foursquare pastor from Maria Elena astonished Hinton when he asked: “Is there anything we can do [to help them]?”

The group of local pastors from 14 regional Foursquare churches took an offering and gave $300 to help those in Bangladesh.

This community of Chilean believers that had lost nearly everything felt compelled to give in spite of their lack of resources. Many sacrificed several days’ wages to help other believers in need.

While they are generous, help is still needed for those in Chile. Hinton is currently organizing aid, and so far the following has transpired:

  • A promise was made to contact U.S. congregations to commit to send teams to assist.
  • Contact has been made with U.S. churches to send teams. Within the next four months a yet unspecified number of churches will be traveling to Chile to help rebuild.
  • Monies will be sent this month to aid members of this community that require necessities such as food, water and clothing.

Currently, teams are needed to help rebuild the two churches and the homes of two pastors that were destroyed in the earthquake. Churches interested in assisting with rebuilding efforts in Chile can contact Hinton at 213.989.4320.