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Ilya Carrera

I had the opportunity of watching a movie about the use of carrier pigeons for communication purposes. It got my attention, and I learned that this practice was started centuries ago by the ancient Persians, who had the art of training them.

The pigeons were effectively trained to carry messages. Some of them were used for military purposes during war.

On October 3, 1918, during World War I, British troops were trapped close to enemy lines. Around 500 men were surrounded by the Germans, with no help, food or ammunition.

The trapped troops sent a pigeon to their army post, and the message said:  “Many wounded. We cannot evacuate.” Regretfully, this first pigeon was shot down. They sent another pigeon with another message: “Men are suffering. Can support be sent?” This pigeon also was shot down.

Finally, the British sent a third pigeon named Cher Ami, but the Germans opened fire and shot him. Cher Ami managed to rise again and continue his flight, having been shot in the breast, with only one eye left and with one leg hanging by the tendon. Despite his condition, Cher Ami was able to deliver the message to the British camp, saving the lives of more than 190 British soldiers.

Prayer Point

As Cher Ami didn’t fail to deliver his message, Lord, help us to carry our commission to this world. Help us to share Your love wherever we go. We are carrying a message of hope, the message of salvation for many lives that are counting on us. Here we are, Lord, available to You and ready to serve you. Amen.

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serves as the senior pastor of Centro Cristiano Betania in Panama City, Panama.