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President Jack Hayford, convening the Executive Council Summit this week, announced several strategic changes in central office personnel. The executive council, which comprises members of the Foursquare cabinet, district supervisors and divisional superintendents, is meeting this week in Long Beach, Calif., to receive insight and direction regarding both the immediate and long-term future of The Foursquare Church.

Of major significance worldwide is the resignation of Rev. Mike Larkin as FMI director, his area of service since 1999. Having felt for at least a year that the Lord was directing him to a different type of ministry, Rev. Larkin tendered his resignation, which he processed at his own initiation with Pastor Hayford. In that letter he states, “For the first time [I] felt a strong sense, prodding from the Lord, that my time as the director of missions had come to an end. I told the Lord that I would wait for His timing. My trust in the Lord and my partnering trust in Pastor Jack for a healthy transition was without question.” Rev. Larkin plans to serve with the Foursquare family in a role that will allow him to exercise his strong gifting and passion for teaching, as well as training those who want to serve globally. Pertaining to Rev. Larkin’s new responsibilities that will encompass “teaching and reaching” the next generation, Pastor Jack stated: “Mike’s personal history and present ministry evidences in The Foursquare Church indicate his unique gifting and calling as regarding his new pursuits among us.”

Pursuant to Rev. Larkin’s move, the board of directors has confirmed the appointment of a new FMI director. Assuming the leadership of FMI will be Rev. Jonathan Hall, who is completing a 20-year term of service in Brazil, where he has served the past four years as the director of home and foreign missions. Rev. Hall and his wife, Beth, are both children of missionary parents, and spent their childhoods in Brazil. Their extensive training and experience will equip them well for the new responsibilities they will assume on June 1, 2008. Regarding this transition, Pastor Jack stated: “Jonathan Hall’s preparedness for this role is well understood by anyone who already knows his ministry.”

Also being announced this week is the combining of the roles of chief operating officer and secretary-treasurer, a transition that should be complete by March 31, 2008. Dr. Sterling Brackett, who currently serves as the secretary-treasurer of The Foursquare Church, will add the responsibilities of COO, a role that was created by Rev. Jim Scott over the past three years. Rev. Scott will now assume the newly created position of assistant general supervisor, working with general supervisor Glenn Burris and partnering with the four regional supervisors: Robby Booth, Cliff Hanes, Marty Jenkins and Larry Spousta. Pastor Jack stated: “The efficiency of managerial systems now in place, which were nonexistent three years ago, enable both an efficient and effective merging of these positions.”

As this week’s meetings continue, the church is encouraged to pray for the anointing and direction of the Holy Spirit for all those who are participating. This meeting has far-reaching implications for the future, and Pastor Hayford has strongly affirmed his sense that the Lord is leading The Foursquare Church decisively into the next phase of global ministry and expansion. A report on the Executive Council Summit is forthcoming following its conclusion.

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