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Though much of southern California was devastated by wildfires in October, there was cause for rejoicing in San Bernadino County, where, although fires ravaged the Green Valley and Lake Arrowhead areas, the Foursquare Camp Cedar Crest emerged unscathed.

“It’s a real miracle,” said Karen Hannay, who manages the camp along with her husband, Bob. “God literally had His hand on the camp.”

“Throughout the camp, you can’t even tell there was a fire,” she continued. “If you go up on the trails, you can see where the fire came close—it was literally on three sides of the camp—but it never came in.

She said that near the camp border the fire was low to the ground and caused little damage to trees.

“It is so awesome to see the hand of God,” she added. “Bob and I want to thank everyone for their prayers.”

Near the camp dining hall there is no evidence of the wildfires that ravaged the Green Valley area

The Camp Cedar Crest sanctuary was untouched by the recent wildfires.

This view, shot from behind some of the cabins, shows little fire damage.

Though the ground on the camp perimeter is covered with ash, the trees are green and intact.

Outside the camp, piles of ash abound.

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