Vanessa Russell
Vanessa Russell

The last 12 months were difficult for most of us. I run an anti-human-trafficking organization and can’t help noticing that the experiences of everyday people have become similar to the trafficked, homeless and impoverished.

We have learned what it’s like to be isolated, to feel forgotten and to suffer loss of housing, jobs and loved ones. We are humbled and feel much like Nehemiah, weeping at the sight of our burned and broken-down cities (Neh. 1:3-4).

Now that things are reopening, it’s important that we don’t just “go back to normal.” Instead, let us empathetically recognize that it is not just businesses that need restoration, but also people (Neh. 5). Let us sacrificially give to others, that they might know the hope to which God has called them.

Please join me as we “BUILD” by praying:

  • For strength to Be present in my community in this time of trouble.
  • For Understanding for the conditions of the people in my community.
  • For Increase, so I can meet the needs I find.
  • For God’s Love to lead me in everything I do.
  • For Divine healing to be released over the land He’s assigned to me.

Prayer + Reflection

  1. Ask God to open your heart for growth as you pray through the BUILD acrostic above.
  2. Pray for all who feel alone or forgotten in your community, and ask God to reveal ways to reach out and touch others in this season of isolation.
  3. Pray for victims of human trafficking worldwide, particularly those ministered to by Foursquare pastors and Foursquare Missions International missionary workers. Ask God to protect and deliver the victims and all involved in rescue efforts. Consider ways you can support the exploited in your own community.

Share your thoughts. See comments below, and add your own.


serves with her husband, Timothy, as the pastor of New Hope Christian Fellowship (Hayward Foursquare Church) in Hayward, Calif. She is the founder of Love Never Fails anti-trafficking organization.