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There have been many effective methods of evangelism and church growth. But many a pastor has found that replicating another’s form of ministry has failed to yield the promised fruit.

Those methods were rooted in the Scriptures, hopefully, but they were also rooted in other things: time, place and people. Using someone else’s method often shortcuts the important process of contextualization. But in Kentucky and New York City, two different Foursquare churches have discovered the power of incarnating Christ in their own spaces.

The Northeast Atlantic District partnered with Joyce Films to create Big City, Little Town, a short film encouraging pastors and church planters to engage their own contexts and communities.

Watch this inspiring video and see what can happen as people learn the stories and histories of their cities, find the unique calling of the local church and create a culture of releasing to allow the body of Christ to incarnate in their own communities.

is an ordained Foursquare minister and FMI missionary to Great Britain.