Eric Mejia
Eric Mejia

Twenty-seven years ago, I was a lost teenager wondering if life just consisted of waking up, working, going to bed and repeating that every day. My life seemed empty, pointless, hopeless and without peace. I couldn’t understand how everyone was living like this.

That all changed one day when I met a German girl named Yuli.

I was working in a little taco joint at the time. In our first conversation, she asked if I knew Jesus. I didn’t feel offended when she asked; instead it opened my heart and mind. Yuli didn’t have all the answers, but I could tell she really believed what she was saying. That one conversation led to transformation in the life of a young man who now serves God full-time. I never forgot how brave Yuli was to share Jesus with me.

It’s easy to think we already act bravely every Sunday as we stand on a stage and share an important message from the Lord. But I’ve found that the one-on-one, intimate, sometimes scary conversations are the ones where I have seen Jesus show up and begin to transform people’s lives.

I think that kind of brave conversation is what the Great Commission is telling us to do (Matt. 28:18-20). We all have been given an assignment to tell people of the transforming love of Jesus. We must be brave about sharing—not worried about what someone will think, not worried about what they might say, just excited that this conversation might change their life forever.

I really believe Yuli understood that, and that’s why I want to share my transformation with everyone I meet. Please join with me and pray that the Lord would break our hearts for the lost and help us fulfill His Great Commission.

Prayer + Reflection

  1. Ask God to open the floodgates of your heart, that you would feel comfortable sharing and asking deep questions of others.
  2. Lift up the lost in your community, especially those who are outcasts. Ask God how you can serve and reach out to the unloved and ignored as He did.
  3. Think about how you can encourage others to be brave and bold in their faith. Pray for inspiring words to empower other believers to share their faith.
  4. Please lift up Foursquare Missions workers’ ongoing ministry among refugees in the Middle East and Europe. Pray for many people to experience Jesus’ love as they receive physical aid and spiritual care.

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is the senior pastor of Austin Foursquare Church in Cedar Park, Texas.