Arlene Sumpter
Arlene Sumpter

A favorite post-workout protein drink of mine is a peanut butter bomb smoothie. The recipe calls for peanut butter, yogurt, protein powder, bananas and coconut water to be blended until it reaches a smooth consistency. If the consistency desired is not smooth enough, then add more water.

Lately I’ve been reflecting upon the “blending until smooth consistency” instruction and how we can apply the same methodology in our personal lives and ministry. Jesus prayed in John 17:20-21 for all who would believe His message to be one, as He and the Father are one.

I would suggest that His prayer of oneness is a “blending until we are consistent” prayer for love, acceptance, grace, mercy and forgiveness for one another. Blending until we are consistent is our opportunity to show the world that we are one, united in Jesus Christ.

The good news is that if the consistency isn’t quite smooth enough, we simply need to add more living water.

Prayer + Reflection

  1. Spend time reflecting on John 17:20-21 today. Ask God to show you ways you can be one with other believers in the current season.
  2. Surrender to partnering with others in the ministry of the gospel, and pray for a willing heart.
  3. Ask God to reveal where His unity is needed, and step out to support a ministry other than your own.

Share your thoughts. See comments below, and add your own.

is senior pastor of The Floor Church (Windward Foursquare Church) in Mililani, Hawaii, and founder of Empowering Women Hawaii.