Glenn Burris Jr.
Glenn Burris Jr.

There would likely be no famed story of Esther without Mordecai.

Esther had been given great favor, but lacked the courage and perhaps the discernment of how and when to act. Mordecai earlier exposed an assassination attempt on the king’s life and had risen with great favor in the kingdom (Esth. 2:19-23). He also uncovered a plot to extinguish the Jewish people, a plot contrived by a well-positioned leader named Haman (Esth. 4:1-9).

Mordecai was in a position of knowledge and authority, and he approached Esther to make an appeal to the king. Risking her own life, Esther petitioned the king for his favor. Mordecai played a crucial role in encouraging Esther to advocate for her people.

Let’s remember to honor those who act behind the scenes, like Mordecai. Who in your life is humble, dedicated, competent and encouraging? Send them a word of thanks and encouragement today.

Reflect + Pray

1. Pray for those who serve behind the scenes and do not receive any glory for their service. Ask God to bless them richly for their faithfulness.

2. Ask God to reveal ways you serve behind the scenes that will humble you and help others.

3. Pray for a spirit of selflessness and service in your congregation, as well as in your own heart.

4. Please pray for the people of Venezuela as their country remains in turmoil, and for those who have fled far from home seeking safety as refugees. To find out more about how to support Venezuelan refugees, go to Foursquare Missions International’s Road to Hope.

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served as the president of The Foursquare Church from 2009-2020.


  1. Thank you Lord for the leadership of the Foursquare Churc for they are being filled by the power of the Holy Ghost and are driving us into your master plan which to be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Lord someone has to be there always for an emergency like Esther and Mordecai that day.Praise the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

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