The Same Jesus Podcast, season 2

In Episode 3 / Season 2 of the Same Jesus podcast, Russell and A.J. delve into topics around suffering and faith: How do our cultural understandings of comfort and safety compare to biblical comfort and safety? How does our understanding of calling disrupt idols of secularized comfort?

The Same Jesus podcast is hosted by Russell Joyce and A.J. Swoboda.

Russell Joyce is senior pastor of Faith Center, a Foursquare church located in Eugene, Ore. He is also the director of Foursquare Multiply, which seeks to train, network and multiply the next generation of Foursquare churches across the U.S. He wrote the new book His Face Like Mine: Finding God’s Love in Our Wounds (IVP).

A.J. Swoboda, Ph.D., is assistant professor of Bible, Theology and World Christianity at Bushnell University. He has planted and pastored a Foursquare church in Portland called Theophilus that continues to worship to this day, as well as authored several books including his latest release, The Gift of Thorns: Jesus, the Flesh, and the War for Our Wants (Zondervan).

Thanks to our special guests Jon and Fawn Cobler. Jon and Fawn serve as lead pastors to the Church of Living Water in Olympia, Wash. Additionally, they serve as board members for Church Awakening, a ministry that envisions and equips pastors and churches for spiritual awakening.

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