In the second episode of the Same Jesus podcast, Russell and A.J. take a look at why Foursquare prioritizes being interdenominational over exclusivity and what this would have meant in the 1920s when your ethnicity was your religion.

The Same Jesus podcast is hosted by Russell Joyce and A.J. Swoboda.

Russell Joyce is senior pastor of Faith Center, a Foursquare church located in Eugene, Ore. He is also the director of Foursquare Multiply, which seeks to train, network and multiply the next generation of Foursquare churches across the U.S.

A.J. Swoboda, Ph.D., is assistant professor of Bible, Theology and World Christianity at Bushnell University. He has written several books, and he planted and pastored a Foursquare church in Portland, Ore., called Theophilus that continues to worship to this day.

Thanks to our special guest Ted Vail, D.I.S., who serves as senior vice president of global operations of The Foursquare Church.Learn more about the Same Jesus podcast at

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