Healthy Culture update

Over the past year, the Healthy Culture Initiative has been characterized by Foursquare’s pursuit of four essential milestones to enhance organizational transparency, and prevention of abuse, harassment and misconduct in the ministry context. These milestones have included:

  1. Providing clear definitions of newly emerging terms of ministerial misconduct and an explanation of the organization’s process to investigate and adjudicate claims
  2. Having a clearly articulated theological framework to address how ministers will be held accountable or exonerated in accordance with Scripture
  3. Reviewing and refining the organization’s protocols to ensure safe reporting environments for reporters and for the accused
  4. Integrating additional procedures into our polity so that all layers of leadership experience increased accountability

During the Wednesday business session at Foursquare Connection in Anaheim, participants will be presented with a report from the Healthy Culture Task Force and the CEO of Guidepost Solutions, the consulting firm retained to examine Foursquare’s policies and procedures, and to make recommendations for improvement. This report will provide a thorough explanation of Guidepost’s recommendations and the actions being taken by Foursquare to achieve the stated milestones. After the Wednesday business session concludes, there will be a dedicated question and answer session with the task force and representatives from Guidepost Solutions for this specific topic.

Earlier this year, a group of Foursquare ministers with experience in care and counseling proposed a fifth milestone acknowledging the importance of care for those who have experienced harm. In response, the Healthy Culture Task Force has expanded the scope of this initiative to include the following additional milestone:

5.  Continuing our practice of caring for those who have been harmed because of clergy misconduct

The commitment to care for those who have been harmed is an essential reflection of the ministry of Jesus. This has been, and will continue to be, an important focus of the Foursquare denomination as we seek to be a restorative community that reveals the heart and grace of Jesus to everyone.

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