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The National Church Office announced exciting updates today regarding the powerful ministry of The Foursquare Church in the Gulf Coast. Along with the announcement comes an invitation for churches and individuals to prayerfully consider providing additional outreach and support to help us finish strongly, as we do our part to bring healing and restoration to the region.

In fall 2007, Pastor Jack Hayford and Bishop Kenneth Ulmer met with Christian leaders in New Orleans for Days of Refreshing 3, an event organized by Celebration Church in Metairie, La., and sponsored by The Foursquare Church. The event brought together pastoral leaders from the Gulf Coast, many of whom have labored for months bringing spiritual and physical wholeness to people affected by Hurricane Katrina.

One of the primary goals of Days of Refreshing 3 was to bless these ministry leaders with tangible gifts of nurturing and edification. A three-DVD-set of the messages shared by Pastor Jack and Bishop Ulmer during Days of Refreshing 3 is available for purchase online from Celebration Church, the host church for the event.

Speaking about the response of The Foursquare Church in the Gulf Coast, General Supervisor Glenn Burris Jr. said: “You would be pleased to realize the depth of commitment our response team has demonstrated over the past 29 months. As the spiritual needs of the region have been assessed, plans to meet these needs are in full swing and the ongoing physical restoration that is still so desperately needed continues.”

In addition to the five new churches planted in Louisiana since Katrina, The Foursquare Church has plans for 11 new congregations in Louisiana and Mississippi within the next 18 months. This spiritual influence, in concert with other established Christian ministries, already is producing lasting fruit. The intent is to help people in these communities move past recovery to full restoration. At the same time, Foursquare desires to see strong works of the Lord established to sustain the spiritual revival that He intends for the region.

In Biloxi, Miss., almost 40 homes have been rebuilt through Compassion First, Foursquare’s current primary disaster response team. Because of the work in East Biloxi done by Foursquare churches, nearly 100 residents returned to their homes in time for Christmas. Overall, Foursquare ministries have partnered in the stabilization of over 150 additional homes in the East Biloxi area. While this represents about 15% of the total restoration work accomplished in all of East Biloxi, still, there is more to accomplish.

Many organizations serving the Gulf Coast plan to end their involvement by summer 2008. As Foursquare representatives working through Compassion First rely on partnerships with many of these organizations, work must be completed quickly. Skilled individuals and work teams are needed during the coming months to accelerate the task of helping more families return home. In addition, the need for evangelism in the Gulf Coast area continues. Churches interested in volunteering can contact Compassion First online.

Contributions are still being accepted through Foursquare U.S. Relief and checks should be payable to The Foursquare Church with the gift designated to U.S. Relief. Checks from individuals can be mailed to the Foursquare National Church Office:

1910 W. Sunset Blvd, Suite 200
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Foursquare churches sending offerings with their regular tithe should designate the appropriate offering amount for “U.S. Relief” on the tithe coupon when the gift is made.

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