Ted Vail
Ted Vail, director of Foursquare Missions International

Are you a “give the good news first, then the bad” type of person, or a “give the bad news first” person? I’m the latter, so let’s start there.

Bad news: It’s a hard reality, but millions of our fellow humans are not experiencing the love of God through Jesus because there is no one to go and share with them. They don’t know Jesus, oftentimes not because they resist, but because they don’t even have the chance to know. Children, seniors and everyone in between are created in God’s image and worthy of being reached.

Yes, the harvest is still great, and the workers are still few. Tragically, there is a growing list of nations closing their doors to the traditional approaches of missions. The Holy Spirit is leading us into fresh empowerment, innovative approaches and partnerships; and we need a greater, more diverse force of called and anointed workers.

We need everyone from artists to zoologists. Many will go where traditional pastors can no longer go, but pastors are more important than ever because trained and sent global disciples are more important than ever. Make no mistake, it requires the empowering of the Holy Spirit, strong godly character, contextual ministry training and a strong home infrastructure to go. The truth is that while going is not for everybody, disciple-making, sending and spiritual warfare prayer are.

The Holy Spirit is leading us into fresh empowerment, innovative approaches and partnerships; and we need a greater, more diverse force of called and anointed workers.

Good news: This is not sitting on the shoulders of one country’s efforts nor one church movement. There are now Foursquare churches in around 150 nations, and many of them send workers, too. There is a growing group of missions leaders from many nations, and we gather to pray, coordinate and join forces together in the mission of God. Not only this, but we are part of the big family, the body of Christ, and there is a growing collaboration among many movements these days that I know pleases the Lord of the harvest!

Global partnership is awesome (but challenging at times). As part of this Foursquare movement on mission, we have access to a global network of churches, ministries and organizations dedicated to working together.

As a movement, we began with a mission to take the gospel to the nations and make disciples, planting communities of faith in the places there are none. We are not straying from that mission, and it will take many different kinds of workers and creative expressions to accomplish this. Together, we can do what we cannot do alone. It’s happening; the whole church is engaging in taking the whole gospel to the whole world. Foursquare Missions International is here to help you and be in the Missio Dei with you.

Pastors and leaders, who might you have in your congregations that could bring their skills to the nations? We’re in the process of sending people from all walks of life, serving in a variety of capacities and professions. God continues to open doors to creative access places all over the globe. Let us work together with you in helping them fulfill their divine calling.

More good news: Someday, around that great throne spoken of in Revelation 7, there will be millions upon millions from all nations and families of the earth, and many will be there because of the disciples you’ve made and prayers you’ve prayed. Yes, it is because Jesus Christ is the savior of the world, and He’s given us the privilege to be on mission together. In this coming year, I hope you’ll experience fresh awareness “to know” and renewed courage “to go.”

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is the senior vice president of global operations for The Foursquare Church.


  1. Excellent expression of the vision – into all the world by every possible means. Well said.

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