Guillermo Puppo
Guillermo Puppo

Acts 10 shows a two-way conversion. On one side, God dealt with Peter, who was not ready to understand the meaning of a situation. On the other side, God dealt with Cornelius, a Gentile who was earnestly seeking God. An angel came and directed Cornelius to Peter.

In His sovereignty, God chooses men and women to share His gospel. When Cornelius talked to Peter, everything became clear. God could clean food just as He could clean a Gentile and include him in His kingdom (vv. 9-15).

Before Peter had even become familiar with his mission of converting Cornelius, Cornelius’ belief and God’s vision radically transformed Peter’s own beliefs.

Today, God is using the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic to repave our global landscape, with effects we cannot even fathom yet. As we share God’s message of hope, we will need to “unlearn” some of our old ways of thinking, remaining humble and open so we may be taught even through the most unexpected people and circumstances.

God can accomplish anything through anyone!

Prayer & Reflection

  1. Ask the Lord to make you humble enough to “unlearn” what prevents you from faithfully being the face and hands of Christ to humanity. Now, ask that for the whole church.
  2. Ask that God would use the “Corneliuses”—unexpected people or circumstances—in our lives to shape our hearts after His.
  3. Pray: “Dear God, may we be obedient to go wherever and do whatever You would show us. Amen.”
  4. Lift up those in your community who are isolated, ill or immunocompromised. Ask the Lord for ways to support them. Intercede in your church, and encourage members to support and love their neighbors.

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is the senior pastor of Ciudad de Dios (Lakewood South Foursquare Church) in Denver.